press braked tubes

Why Choose Press Braked Tubes

Press braked tubes have become the choice in structure supports in construction. Builders and engineers choose this technology because of the benefits in cost and sustainability. They are also the choice of those who want to leave a lighter carbon footprint.

What Are They Made Of?

Press braked tubes are commonly formed out of structural steel. These tubes are fashioned in a variety of dimensions and sizes. These tubes are becoming more common in manufacturing and construction and can be pre-formed to the precise measurements needed. This can save on waste product, tool costs and labor.

Common Shape

A common form of a press braked creation is the tube. These tubes are formed by the precision bends into oval, round, square or rectangular pieces. There are press brakes that form rounded but not angled profiles, as in the oval or round tubes. Practically all steel pipe manufacturers offer stainless steel tubes.

Press Brake Advantages

These press brake tubes offer a higher corrosion resistance than the former customary carbon steel entities. Press brake tubes have a certain benefit to construction, in that they are lighter in weight and are considered somewhat compact. Stainless steel is favored because its components make it practically resistant to rust and its corrosive effects. These tubes tend to prove their worth in that they are a less expensive alternative to other metal alloys. Steel also has a higher tensile strength when can be formed in less thick sections, which reduces the weight of the portions. These tubes also exhibit a greater capacity to be welded. These basically seamless sections tend to withstand adverse weather conditions much better when compared to other alloys.

What, Exactly, Is A Brake?

press braked tubes

In short terms, a brake is basically the force needed for the shape desired, plus the working length. Some additional information for the brake is the stroke length, or the distance between bends and creases. These bends and creases are applied by mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or servo-electric forces. Mechanical brakes were dominating the world market until the 1950s. Then, better hydraulics were found to product more accurate high quality products. Early brakes had to rely on tooling to determine the correct angles. Now, computer operated and driven machines make precise angles for the tubes.

Recyclable Tubes

These type of press baked tubes tend to be fire resistant. That makes this product a favored choice when needed for residential and non-residential construction. Using these tubes is cost efficient and speedy. Although they are ideal for heavy construction projects, they are created from scrap, and therefore recyclable. The ability to be recycled not only keeps the environment healthy and clean, but also conserves new resources.

Where to Find Press Braked Tubes

Manufacturers, such as Montanstahl, can produce the tubes needed for your construction project. Manufacturing technologies enable these companies to produce a product with the size, surface finish, and profile that you need. It helps for the buyer to know a little about material knowledge and how to compare prices. Don’t hesitate to do a little research on a manufacturer, and check out the reviews.

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