mahogany wood platform

Modular Platforms to Enjoy Any Occasion

There are situations where you want a really great floor, but only need it temporarily. Modular platforms allow a company to create a floor where there would normally not be one, and then tear it down when it is no longer needed. This can be a dance floor, an outside dining floor, or any other need, foreseeable or otherwise. The modular platform take a few basic concepts and uses them together in order to create an essentially mobile floor that is completely safe and can take some serious abuse.

In this case, modular platforms are created from aluminum joint profiles and spruce boards. A series of posts are placed in a grid formation. These posts are then connected by the joints, creating a more obvious grid. The spruce panels are then placed, two to a square, across the entire grid. This process is continued until the entire floor has been placed. While the spruce panels default to yellow or mahogany in color, brown birch tiles can be used instead that have been treated so as to be fire-proof and slip resistant. As such they can be adapted to any circumstance, making life that much easier for everyone.

mahogany wood platform

The individual grids are 100 centimeters, with two wood panels per grid. Each spruce panel is 27 millimeters thick, which are pressed together and dried artificially. The surface is the treated with thermo-set resins in order to make them resistant to climatic variation. This gives a surface that can deal with most weather and carry up to 500 kilograms per square. The entire floor can also be easily levelled, as well as be adjusted in five different increments from a height of 10 centimeters to a maximum of 30 centimeters. This should allow for just about any kind of situation that the floor may be built in, as well as allow different heights between different sections.

All of this combined means that a floor may be built just about anywhere that can resist a wide variety of conditions, and can take a lot of weight. With a little planning, it can be further divided into smaller sections with different heights, such as allowing for a VIP section or a dance pit, or even a series of steps. This makes it wonderfully useful for a wide variety of different functions, ranging from outdoors banquet hall to a dance floor under the stars. This makes for a modular platform that can be make for some very memorable occasions, making it a very useful construction.

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